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Saturday, 8th May, 2021
About CEOAfrica

CEOAFRICA is the first business and leadership social media network designed to identify and celebrate African leadership and entrepreneurship thus creating a medium for positive change in the African economy. 

CEOAFRICA is a platform for Presidents and Prime Ministers of African Countries, Legislative and Judiciary arms of Government of African Countries,Other Top Government Functionaries, Captains of industries, Chief Executive Officers of Corporate organizations, Executive Directors, Chairmen of conglomerates and Managing Directors, to form a common business frontier for the development of African economy.

CEOAFRICA is borne out of the passion to see Africa emerge the world economic power come 2060. Africa is endowed with human, capital and mineral resources, and if well harnessed will situate Africa as the hope of the rest of the world.

CEOAFRICA celebrates Africa successes that have been under played and ignored on the world stage of excellence. Africans have been active players in the world economy and have indeed piloted the operations of big businesses with resounding scale of productivity.  CEOAFRICA serves as a medium where inspiring lives of African Chief Executives, business moguls, or merchants will be unveiled for younger generation and aspiring CEOs. This medium is packaged as an integral component of business success strategy that must not be ignored.

CEOAFRICA is a project where business owners and Directors will be availed the opportunity of meeting and interacting with each other online in a secured, conducive and business-purposed environment. This will on the other hand avail them the opportunities to exploit new frontiers for their businesses, meet people that they cannot meet in person due to their tight schedule and distance, and also help them to enhance their interpersonal relationship.  The enhanced socio-economic status of the businessmen is expected to aid and strengthen African economy.

Mission Statement

CEOAFRICA is committed to the celebration of African entrepreneurship and creating a platform of business interaction.

Vision Statement

CEOAFRICA is committed to the celebration of African entrepreneurship and creating a platform of business interaction that will position Africa as the world economic hope.

If you are a business owner that has not embraced business social media networking as a major component of your success strategy, it is due time to hop onboard CEOAFRICA.

CEOAFRICA has business tools on which you can leverage the burgeoning user base to grow your company.

Benefits of CEOAFRICA to business executives

1        Visibility:  You and your business becomes visible to the rest of the world as wherever is your current base, you can mingle with other CEOs who may have or share similar or complimentary business interest  with you. You will see how visible the people you want to discover and meet become when you engage in business social media network. If you want to increase your visibility in the business world, niche or group, start discovering those who exist in it before making any physical move.

2        Common interest: People in social media, congregate around common interest. This makes it easier and perfect for finding people just like you. CEOAFRICA is a place where you can discover other people who share same passion with you in doing successful businesses.

3        Share goal: You can find people with the same goal; CEOAFRICA is a place where you can find potential partners and be informed of training or workshops that are taking place. On CEOAFRICA, you can meet other CEOs who are aligned with what you hope to achieve and you are more likely to achieve it.

4        Sense of connection: Once you have found the people who match your criteria, you can start having conversations without feeling you have to do the big task of breaking the ice. Maintain your connections by remembering to keep listening for your network news, and let people know what is going on in your world too.

5         Self Disclosure:  A big part of forming human relationships is ’self disclosure’, where you give people a little of yourself, your story and your thoughts through your blog. Photographs, video and your updates, you can give other CEOs a sense of who you are, your personality, your business and they can pick up as much or as little as they need. What you need to take care of is decide your boundaries and how much you are happy to share,


CEOAFRICA has essential components that will make your life worthwhile as a CEO such as: “Meet your AfricaCEO”, “Health and You”, “Lawyer’s Corner”, “Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)”, “Innovation and Research Display”, “ Securing Africa”, “Operation Feed Africa”, “Disaster Management in Africa”,  “Culture and Tourism”,  “ Travel Guide”, “Hotels in Africa”, “Upcoming CEOs”,   “Career Spot”, “Sizzling Business News”, “CEOs’ Wardrobe”, “Humours’ hut”, “Investors’ Corner” and “Pictures Speak”.

It is pertinent to note that CEOAFRICA  is a site for all, where hopes and aspirations of younger generations are raised towards employing their skills and innovations in the most effective and efficient manner. To bring about the much desired emancipation, CEOAFRICA partners with international and relevant organisations to project African continent in the true light of its developing developments.


There are a total of eighteen (18) interfaces on CEOAFRICA’s website (“Meet your AfricaCEO”, “Health and You”, “Lawyer’s Corner”, “Total Productive Management (TPM)”, “Innovation and Research Display”, “ Securing Africa”, “Operation Feed Africa”, “Disaster Management in Africa”,  “Culture and Tourism”,  “ Travel Guide”, “Hotels in Africa”, “Upcoming CEOs”,   “Career Spot”, “Sizzling Business News”, “CEOs’ Wardrobe”, “Humours’ hut”, “Investors’ Corner” and “Pictures Speak”) and these are primarily of economic value to registered CEOAFRICA members/subscribers. Apart from its economic value, the interfaces have informative, educative and entertainment benefits to CEOAFRICA members. CEOAFRICA members have unrestricted access to all the interfaces and explore the possibilities of profiting from its potentials. Meanwhile, CEOAFRICA’s website is opened to all; both members and non-members but with access control to some interfaces for non-members who may just like to catch a glimpse of the economic potentials in CEOAFRICA. Non-members are only permitted to view and access other interfaces, except “Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)”, “Innovation and Research Display”, “Humours’ hut”, “Investors’ Corner” and “Career Spot.”




Africa is known to be the destination for the world’s future investment opportunities. African continent has attracted numerous international investors seeking new business deals across the continent. Africa with rich human and natural resources is indeed the hub of global economy. CEOAFRICA INVESTORS’ CORNER is positioned to bring to the consciousness of Africans and the rest of the world, investment opportunities that abound in Africa.  

African economies easily rank among the most robust in the world. In the face of global recession, Africa was the only region apart from Asia that grew positively, at about 2% and the growth has been on an increasing trajectory. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), economic growth across the 54 countries of Africa Continent will hover around 6% in 2012. Africa is becoming an increasingly attractive hub for foreign investors in light of various economic, political and social reforms that are sweeping through the continent, resulting in a much improved business environment conducive for foreign direct investment. Apart from that, there is widespread development of critical social and physical infrastructure, and there is an increasing pool of well-educated, English-speaking enterprising workers in most countries across the continent. CEOAFRICA has identified 6 major hot investment opportunities that abound in Africa. They are: i. Agriculture, ii. Culture and Tourism, iii. Infrastructural Development, iv. Internet, V. Mining of Solid Minerals and VI. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)


There is no continent that is immune from disaster, though its vulnerability to disaster varies. Disaster however can be triggered by both human activities and nature. For the continent to parade sustainable development, individual country government must have a proactive platform from where different types of disaster can be adequately managed.

For a safer continent and sustainable development in African continent, creates a platform where African investors as well as foreign investors are informed about disaster and disaster management in African continent. CEOAFRICA achieves this through collaboration with different disaster and emergency management organisations set up by different African government. Periodic articles and alerts about impending disaster in any part of the continent are posted on this corner.


In its quest to bring the totality of African heritage, culture and tourist attraction to Africans and the rest of the world, has created an avenue where first hand information about African distinctive heritage can be viewed. Through CEOAFRICA Culture and Tourism Corner, African arts, culture and heritage will be packaged to enhance the continent’s development socially and economically. As a medium of information towards promoting the continent’s history and way of life, economic viability of the continent will be exposed, thereby promoting job creation and skill development. This platform among other things will feature the celebration of African royalty, social values, proverbs and core African ethos.

Investment opportunities in African tourism and hospitality sector will be regularly unveiled for potential investors to grab.


Agriculture is a powerful tool for reducing poverty and hunger. Economic growth generated by agriculture is more than twice effective in reducing poverty as growth in other sectors. Agricultural development is also an effective means of assisting African countries in building capacity and infrastructure as well as introducing innovation and technology. This platform seeks to increase local food production and thereby reduce imports. African citizens will be encouraged through different farming tips, to engage in subsistence farming. With Operation Feed Africa, CEOAFRICA will ensure that Agricultural sector does not lose its pride of place in African economy.

In partnership with Agricultural Institutes in Africa, like International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN), etc, CEOAFRICA will bring new groundbreaking exploits in Agriculture to the door steps of every African. CEOAFRICA will also help to promote modern science and technology in Agriculture and serve as a reference point to serious minded farmers. CEOAFRICA’s aim is to prevent hunger and poverty towards promoting socio-economic development of the continent.

African farmers need to take the drivers’ seat of ecological agriculture and feed the continent. Eco-farming is adjudged by the United Nations in March 2011, as the best strategy of farming for improving farming in the developing world. This system of farming can feed people even in the face of climate change. Through the medium of CEO-AFRICA, enlightenment campaigns on sustainable family farming, agro-ecological production and strong local markets, will be initiated as the best to mitigate hunger and protect the planet.


CEOAFRICA concept of security is not limited to an almost crime free African continent but inclusive of a peaceful continent devoid of irresolvable conflicts. Security to CEOAFRICA means adequate provision for the present without jeopardising the future. Security is a core aspect of the vulnerability of the poor as no meaningful development can take place in an atmosphere of any form of insecurity. There are many factors responsible for insecurity in the African continent, ranging from economic inequality, food insecurity, unemployment, bad governance, terrorism, to a host of others. Securing Africa aims to facilitate a secure environment based on continental development and creating a two-way interaction between local ownership of security actors, like the police and members of the public. CEOAFRICA recognises that security of African nations and security of its people are interdependent; as a result, socio-economic needs have been identified as the context of peace and stability African continent.

CEOAFRICA’s interface on Securing Africa approaches the issue of securing Africa holistically, from the view point of security and development on one hand, and peace and conflict resolution, on the other hand.  Securing Africa is an interface that deals with peace and security across Africa and its effect on African development. On the interface, members of the African public can interact with their home police unit, thereby bringing African police closer to their continent. There is a resource person, Dr. Nathaniel Danjibo, from the Institute of African Studies, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, who is expected to coordinate the interface.


This deals with the unveiling and celebration of successful entrepreneurs on CEOAFRICA’s website and Bi-monthly Newsletter.  The life and business of the selected entrepreneur as it contributes to African economy is commemorated as pride of African economy. This will feature interview and pictorial representation of the life and business interest of the entrepreneur. The purpose is to present the spotlighted entrepreneur as a source of hope and aspiration for upcoming CEOs and African youths, towards believing that Africans are capable of emancipating Africa themselves.


Here, CEOs are provided with both business and holiday travel advice, tips, hotels, flight and destinations. To achieve this, CEOAFRICA Travel Guide collaborates with hotels in Africa and governments of African nations for advertisement of attractive resorts locations  in their country (As being practiced by Dubai).


This is part of entertainment arm of CEOAFRICA where both formal and informal fashion and style of African CEOs are showcased as emulative brands for Africans.


CEOAFRICA clearly sees the need to identify and develop future business leaders who will evolve new business ideals in Africa. To achieve this, a reality show tagged UPCOMING CEOs REALITY SHOW will be a medium of identifying and building future Chief Executive Officers. Participants in the Show are selected based on the viability of their individual business plan. The winner of the Show goes home with a cash prize of $1million, which will be used to actualise the business plan under a 3 year supervision of some notable financial consultants.


This is created for applicants who wish to work in any of the companies/business premises of member CEOs. The applicants after an access fee payment upload his/her resume on a dedicated blog which is accessible to all active members of CEOAFRICA, for job consideration, if found worthy. This will go a long way in reducing the manpower exerted on recruitment drive by CEOs.


This is packaged as a daily dashboard for CEOs that want to be in the know of daily News and information as it relates to regional and global economy. Breaking News and News updates are regular features on this interface.


This is the hub of entertainment for CEOs who are on board CEOAFRICA. It has features like cartoons, jokes, witty sayings, etc, that are expected to diffuse emotional tension off (ever-busy) CEOs.


This will catalogue top hotels across Africa where CEOs can book and lodge for business. CEOAFRICA will facilitate a reasonable percentage discount for CEOAFRICA members, in any of their preferred hotels, as incentives for membership.


Pictorial view of outstanding business events across Africa will be displayed on this platform regularly.


Africa is a fast developing continent, yet her technology and innovation are not being employed to power industries in Africa. It is pertinent at this time of global economic crisis for countries in the continent to look inwards and develop dependency on African local technology for developmental growth. Through partnership with the relevant academia, CEOAFRICA has created a platform to regularly describe the basis for Africa's indigenous industrial development effort and how African countries can develop the ability to influence global thinking on local technology mixed foreign technology

University and Research institutes in Africa have been able to make various researches and inventions, which can compete favorably with that of their counterparts all over the world, sadly, most of these inventions are only celebrated within the walls of its invention alone as there are no means of publicizing these remarkable achievements to the world for recognition. CEOAFRICA has identified lack of medium of display of research breakthroughs as a major reason industries do not appreciate or employ African innovation and research solution. CEOAFRICA is proffering a solution to this problem by launching an online innovation/exhibition site on CEOAFRICA to display research breakthroughs and innovation that will best serve industries in Africa and discourage the wide patronage and dependence on foreign technology and innovation. The place and role of Universities and research institutes cannot be overemphasized to facilitate research and technologically driven economy. This position calls for collaboration between CEOAFRICA and universities researchers and lecturers to form a consortium that would:

  1. Review all innovations and research findings or solutions that will best serve industrial purpose or  application
  2. Form a team or panel to screen all finding and innovations towards rejecting works that do not meet industrial standards.
  3. Coordinate and suggest the best ways to price, drive or run the trade of innovation around Africa.
  4. Approve and post findings, solutions and innovations to CEOAFRICA display portal.
  5. Write article that will be published on CEOAFRICA’s website on why Africa should adopt innovations made or developed in Africa (local content initiative).

On the display page, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Technologists, etc, could forward their solutions for display on our network once approved by the relevant standard control body for industrial application, interested CEOs via our network can shop for the solutions that best suit their needs.


On “Health and You”, we link you to places you can get affordable & innovative healthcare in Africa. Our rich heath care portal helps patients become well-informed about health and wellness.  All we do is to provide information or activities that will promote, restore or maintain health.

We support global health policy initiative by bringing online different actors in global health that function at different levels but all play a valuable role in improving the health and livelihood of all.

On “Health and You”, the African people have an opportunity to Ask for a doctor free online, obtain healthcare consulting, meet a physician with verifiable credentials, access health tips & medical info. and free medical advice upon upload of medical history, etc.

It is our goal to provide Africans with quality health services via our qualified consultants, accurate information and effective resource materials to promote the health and safety of both adults and children.

This is a platform designed for all age grades and class in Africa.



Are you having challenges with running a business/process with high operational cost? Are the stoppages or breakdowns becoming more frequent? Tired of seeing the same repetitive bottle necks frequently reoccurring? Has the cost of replacement of defective goods/services been high? Do accidents keep occurring and crippling your operations and harming or demoralizing your personnel?

THEN, it is time for a new way of running business/ process, with the singular aim of attacking these wastages or “losses”.

Total Productive Management (TPM) is the proven methodology that guarantees the reduction and eventual elimination of these losses.

TPM originated in Japan in 1971 and has been helpful to many corporations/firms- Toyota, Heineken etc. - in maintaining and improving their global competitive edge.

TPM aims at the elimination of such losses in any process via the application of methodologies and tools. It is the proactive way of loss identification and elimination. TPM avoids deterioration and seeks to maintain/improve the process/ machine performance. Simply put, TPMContinuously improves all operational conditions, within a production system; by stimulating the daily awareness of all employees” (by Seiichi Nakajima, Japan, JIPM).

CEOAFRICA makes this interface only accessible to active CEO members only.