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Africans, Nigerian Government has put measures in place to promote"beyond oil economy" This will enable the country to focus on non-oil aspect of the economy as a way of developing the country's economy. What are the non-oil aspect of the economy you think Government should give much priority? Let's hear your voice.

Laolu Apara said:
Nigeria Government should look inward and promote farming of cash crops such as Corn, Millet, and other grains. It is time that the production of the crops for immediate consumption and not for processing can guarantee hundreds of thousands in employment as there would be need for labour for its production, distribution and sales. Also, Instead of pumping too much money on the cassava bread project half of such money can be invested in processing Cassava for fufu, gari, lafun and other locally consumption form and parked to attract buyers even outside the country. these product can also be flavoured to allow for variety of it.

In the same light, Technical training of young men/women and set up a training school or encourage the already established school while the trained should be put under a scheme where they could work and receive salary in a contributory status.

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