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Saturday, 8th May, 2021
Innovation & Research Display

Africa is a fast developing continent, yet her technology and innovation are not being employed to power industries in Africa. It is pertinent at this time of global economic crisis for countries in the continent to look inwards and develop dependency on African local technology for developmental growth. Through partnership with the relevant academia, CEOAFRICA has created a platform to regularly describe the basis for Africa's indigenous industrial development effort and how African countries can develop the ability to influence global thinking on local technology mixed with foreign technology.

Universities and Research institutes in Africa have been able to make various researches and inventions, which can compete favorably with that of their counterparts all over the world. Sadly, most of these inventions are only celebrated within the walls of its invention alone as there are no means of publicizing these remarkable achievements to the world. CEOAFRICA has identified lack of medium for displaying of research breakthroughs as a major reason industries do not appreciate or employ African innovation and research solution. CEOAFRICA is proffering a solution to this problem by launching an online innovation/exhibition site on CEOAFRICA to display research breakthroughs and innovation that will best serve industries in Africa and discourage the wide patronage and dependence on foreign technology and innovation. The place and role of Universities and research institutes cannot be overemphasized to facilitate research and technologically driven economy. This position calls for collaboration between CEOAFRICA and universities researchers and lecturers to form a consortium that would: 

  1. Review all innovations and research findings or solutions that will best serve industrial purpose or  application
  2. Form a team or panel to screen all finding and innovations towards rejecting works that do not meet industrial standards.
  3. Coordinate and suggest the best ways to price, drive or run the trade of innovation around Africa.
  4. Approve and post findings, solutions and innovations to CEOAFRICA display portal.
  5. Write article that will be published on CEOAFRICA’s website on why Africa should adopt innovations made or developed in Africa (local content initiative).

On the display page, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Technologists, etc, could forward their solutions for display on our network once approved by the relevant standard control body for industrial application, interested CEOs via our network can shop for the solutions that best suit their needs.


In promoting various inventories borne out of rigorous research from different Research institutes spread across institutions throughout the continent, CEOAFRICA is of the opinion that with the right global exposure of research works, development will be rabid in Africa. Many  inventories has been successfully completed by Researchers across Africa, but due to lack of adequate publicity, these inventories are largely unknown to different people, especially investors that are readily available to patronize these products. “Innovation and Research display” is an interface where different inventories are being showcased online to the whole world.