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Saturday, 8th May, 2021
Securing Africa

CEOAFRICA concept of security is not limited to an almost crime free African continent but inclusive of a peaceful continent devoid of irresolvable conflicts. Security to CEOAFRICA means adequate provision for the present without jeopardising the future. Security is a core aspect of the vulnerability of the poor as no meaningful development can take place in an atmosphere of any form of insecurity. There are many factors responsible for insecurity in the African continent, ranging from economic inequality, food insecurity, unemployment, bad governance, terrorism, to a host of others. Securing Africa aims to facilitate a secure environment based on continental development and creating a two-way interaction between local ownership of security actors, like the police and members of the public. CEOAFRICA recognises that security of African nations and security of its people are interdependent; as a result, socio-economic needs have been identified as the context of peace and stability African continent.

CEOAFRICA’s interface on Securing Africa approaches the issue of securing Africa holistically, from the view point of security and development on one hand, and peace and conflict resolution, on the other hand.  Securing Africa is an interface that deals with peace and security across Africa and its effect on African development. On the interface, members of the African public can interact with their home police unit, thereby bringing African police closer to their continent. There is a resource person, Dr. Nathaniel Danjibo, from the Institute of African Studies, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, who is expected to coordinate the interface. 

The following are the topics to write on
1 Securing Africa through Religious Tolerance
2 Securing Africa through Border Security
3 Securing Africa through Policing
4 Securing Africa through Economic Stability
5 Securing Africa through Food Security
6 Securing Africa through Good Governance
7 Securing Africa through Peace and Conflict Resolution
8 Securing Africa through Provision of Infrastructure
9 Securing Africa through Human Rights Protection
10 Securing Africa through Fight Against Corruption
11 Securing Africa through Rule of Law
12 Securing Africa through Patriotism, etc"


This is an interface that basically concerns itself with the security of lives and properties of every African. A continent filled with crime, chaos, anarchy and doom will definitely be underdeveloped. Africa is a continent where people cannot sleep always with their two eyes closed, due to the fact that violence which would bring about pandemonium and lead to loss of lives and properties, could occur at any given point in time.

To actually promote the African Economy, people must be encouraged to promote unity and shun violence. An environment with adequate security would not only enable the dwellers to perform their duties diligently, but also, it would attract foreign investors to come and establish in the Continent, thereby providing more jobs for unemployed youths and boosting the economic productivity of the whole Africa.

CEOAFRICA, through “Securing Africa” interface, helps to educate Africans about various means of securing their lives and properties against imminent dangers. With security tips from experts in security matters, “Securing Africa” interface is easily accessible online and inside “CEOAFRICA News”, the Bi-monthly publication of CEOAFRICA both electronically and in print.


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