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Gov Adeleke signs Bill for Osun’s new logo
By: Abara Blessing Oluchi
Wed, 17 Apr 2024   ||   Nigeria,

The Osun State Governor, Mr Ademola Adeleke, has assented to a bill adopting a new logo for the state, describing the new symbol as a signal of new rebirth for Osun.

A statement by the spokesperson to the governor, Olawale Rasheed, obtained in Osogbo on Wednesday, said the ceremony where the bill was signed was witnessed by the Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly, Adewale Egbedun.

Giving details of the new logo, Rasheed explained that “The Circle- The circle replacing the shield symbolised perfection and wholeness. Y – Though not depicted through the placement of the water, earth, and mountains, in the circle. It represents the three Senatorial districts in Osun State united as one hence the lack of delineation between all three elements.

“Osun River: is represented, connected to a Waterfall; Osun state being “State of the Living Spring”, the River situated on the upper part of the Y supplies water to the fertile Brown Agricultural soil of the land on the left. It also wets the Mountains on the right of the Y. The Waterfall also supplies water that nourishes the Leaves and the Cocoa seeds, which also house the fish. In essence, this represents the source of life and nourishment in Osun State.

“Brown Agricultural Soil- This represents fertility and is a source of food. It is located on the left side of the Y.

“Mountains- Osun State is renowned for its hills and mountains, hence the distinct representation. It is located on the right side of the Y. Mountains in various contexts representing tourism, hospitality, and spirituality. It is a symbol of drawing strength.

“Ori Olokun- The Ori Olokun stands for the common origin of the Yoruba race and is a great symbol of Osun State especially for Royalty.

“The rays of light (Imole in Yoruba)- This represents one of the state symbols as it is depicted in the State Anthem. It symbolizes clarity, enlightenment, hope, and guidance, often representing knowledge, truth, and understanding. Its placement at the top clearly represents its importance in the state as its rays touch every element/symbol of the state thereby bringing light (progress, success, and clarity) to it. 1991- the year the state was established.

“NATURAL RESOURCES: Cocoa leaves / Fruits/Tree / Cocoa Beans- at the base of the coat of arms symbolizes agriculture and the natural resources of the land from food crops to logging to cash crops. Leaves – (in the form of a garland)- These are universally used at the installation of Obas and Chiefs in Yoruba land including Osun State to signify longevity and triumph. Gold – this is one of the precious stones found in Osun State and it is available in commercial.

Speaking after assenting to the bill, the statement quoted Adeleke as saying, “I am elated to sign this new Logo into law as a signal of rebirth of our dear State. The new logo is significant because it rhymes and meaningfully represents our historic anthem, our values, and our tradition.

“The new logo is also an educational resource material for our younger generation as it contains symbols of our landmarks, strengths, resources, and history. The logo is also a tool to market the state at home and abroad.

“It is my honour and privilege to introduce the new logo as the symbol of our state. This announcement will herald a new life of prosperity, abundance, and sustainability for our people and admirers.”

Osun State House of Assembly had in July 2023 repealed the State Anthem, Crest, and Flag Law 2012.



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