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BREAKING: 3 feared killed in Abuja community violent clash
By: Abara Blessing Oluchi
Wed, 15 May 2024   ||   Nigeria,

There were fears on Wednesday that about three persons may have been killed following a Tuesday night clash between residents of Byazhin community in Kubwa, Abuja’s largest suburban town and itinerant local scavengers, otherwise known as “baban bola”.


It was gathered that a scavenger who had attempted to steal a woman’s pot of soup, was overpowered and beaten up by passers-by after the woman raised the alarm.

However, in the ensuing conflict and counterattack, two women and a young boy, were said to have been feared dead.

The scavenger who rather than beat a shameful retreat, was said to have gone ahead to rally his fellow scavengers and some hoodlums who returned around 8pm with cudgels, machetes, stones and clubs which they used in attacking residents at random, eventually killing the woman whose pot of soup was earlier stolen.

Two passers-by, a woman and a young boy, were also reportedly killed in the fracas.

An eyewitness, Jessica Adams said; “They killed two people yesterday (Tuesday). The community has been in chaos since yesterday. The crisis continued till this morning (Wednesday) when they killed somebody again. So far, three persons have been killed and many injured. The Police intervened and restored normalcy, but no arrest was made. The Police have intensified their patrol in the Byazhin area of Kubwa to prevent them from regrouping”.

Kubwa residents had for years complained about the excesses of the scavengers who often steal their valuables as well as launch violent attacks on those who dared stand in their way.

Unlike the highbrow areas of Maitama, Asokoro and a few others, Kubwa and most satellite towns have a chaotic waste disposal system, involving thousands of local scavengers who are unregistered and lack any known addresses.

Another eyewitness who did not give his name corroborated Ms Adams narration.

“Yes, the riot started yesterday and by this morning, we learnt that three persons had been killed. It happened in Byazhin around that Millionaire’s Quarters, behind Living Faith Church. That place is very dangerous, because it is quite lonely, and you cannot pass through there alone, especially in the evening”, he said.

The Police was yet to issue a formal statement on the incident as of the time of filing the report.




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