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Kano Govt Confirms purchase of 41 ‘Exotic’ SUVs for lawmakers worth N68m each
By: News Editor
Mon, 20 May 2024   ||   Nigeria,

The Kano State Government has said it bought 41 ‘exotic’ sports utility vehicles, SUVs, each valued at N68 million, for members of the State House of Assembly.

The confirmation was given by the Kano State Government, through the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Alhaji Shehu Wada Sagagi, said it is the right of the lawmakers to be provided with sound working vehicles.

The lawmakers are said to have already taken possession of the SUVs, totalling about N2.6 billion.

According to the Chief of Staff, the ggovernor having considered the economic situation, directed that the contractor be made to understand the need to spread the payment over a period of time.

Sagagi emphasised that the governor’s action is based on respect for the rights and obligations of all tiers of government.

He added that the governor remains committed to the well-being of every arm of government and the people of the State in general.

A ranking lawmaker, who spoke to newsmen on condition of anonymity, also defended the purchase of the SUVs.

‘’Why are you making a mountain out of a mole hill on the purchase of new vehicles for lawmakers? Previous administrations in the state did the same thing,” he said in response to controversy trailing the purchase of the vehicles.

When reminded that the situation is not the same considering the current economic challenges in the country, the lawmaker said, “Do you realise that the vehicle will facilitate our oversight functions and would be used for other legislative works?”

Credible sources said that Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf was initially not disposed to purchasing the vehicles for the lawmakers, however, principal officers of the Assembly pleaded with him, saying they need new cars.


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