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UI Don, Prof Odunola challenges women on breaking barriers, clamours for equal chances on boy/girl child education
Fri, 24 May 2024   ||   Nigeria,

Leading academic expert and Dean of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, University of lbadan (UI), Professor Oyeronke Odunola has challenged women on breaking barriers and stumbling blocks standing on their path to reaching the heights of their respective careers.

Identifying some of the barriers faced by career women both in academics and public service as micro-aggressions, gender bias, sexual harassment, limited institutional support, among others, the academic don and researcher told women that barriers are meant to be broken.

Prof. Odunola stated this on Wednesday at a workshop organized by the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) held at the Department of Zoology, University of Ibadan under the broad theme “Building a Career Path in Academia: Guiding Principles for the Female Academic.”

Speaking on the topic “Breaking the Glass Ceiling and Sustainability Nexus,” Odunola who is also the Director of Research, Cancer Research and Molecular Biology Laboratories, Department of Biochemistry, described glass ceilings as a metaphorical expression referring to the challenges and impossibilities that women face in the course of their career growth.

With 37 years of teaching and research experience in cancer research and molecular biology, environmental toxicology, immune-oncology, nutritional genomics, and climate change, she shared her experiences of breaking barriers while climbing professional ladders in her career. She noted that barriers can be surmounted with a positive mindset, perseverance, professional resilience, and tolerance of others in the workplace.

Addressing mothers, Prof Odunola said, “As mothers, we need to prepare the girl-child to face challenges in life. Let’s give equal chances to the boy-child and the girl-child. No child is superior to the other. Let’s train them up to be confident to face life. I can assure you that if you can do that, your girl-child will survive the storms of life.”

The academic scholar emphasized the need mentors for proper guidance on their career progression, also stressing the importance of networking for career opportunities.

Odunola cautioned against bringing others down for material gains, adding that while it is important to be hardworking and aim promotions, women must also learn to embrace a moderate social life.




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