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Reps step down amendment seeking foreign help to fight insecurity
By: Abara Blessing Oluchi
Wed, 29 May 2024   ||   Nigeria,

The House of Representatives on Wednesday stepped down an amendment to a motion moved on insecurity across the country seeking to invite foreign machineries to help fight insecurity.

The amendment made by Hon Ahmed Jaha followed a motion brought on the floor of the House on Wednesday during plenary.

According to Jaha, efforts by security agencies over the years is not yielding much result hence the need for Nigeria to engage foreign machineries to help fight insecurity across the country.

“When we had insecurity in the northeast between 2020 we had not hunger in the country. When bandits realized that they promote hunger than insecurity they expanded their operations to the south east and south west.

“Since you are facing insurgency, there is nothing wrong in inviting other countries to our aid, Nigeria is not as powerful and influential as Ukraine, Russia there is nothing wrong in bringing in machineries to clear our land of insecurity if not the hunger we faced this year will be worst next year, their strategies now is attacking farmers from going to their farm land. We commend our security agencies, they have done well but we need help.

“We deserve to know the truth so we know what to relay to our constituents.

Also debating on the motion, Hon Abbas Adigun advocated that security officers welfare should be critically looked into and needed support should be provided to enhance their performance. He however opposed the call for foreign mechanries adding that it is an embarrassment to the country.

“We need to increase the capacity of our security agencies. We need to look into the welfare of our security agencies.when they go our there is it a 50 percent chances they come back so what happened to their families.

“They need modern equipments to face the insurgents, do we have all they need to effectively fight them? No. In the 9th Assembly all we discussed to do about security non was done that why I don’t attend any security meeting in this assembly.

“Asking another country to send us machineries is an insult as a giant of Africa that we are , our security agencies can work with retired service chiefs to get this work done.

On his part Hon Bamidele Salam the government should massively invest in educations and other means of survival which will cub insecurity.

“If you look at the areas most prone to security are the poorest part of Nigeria least educated part of Nigeria the problems we are seeing today are as a result of seeds we sowed years back. Nigeria should take greater interest in investment in education, other means of survival instead of going into crime.

The Minority Leader of the House Hon Kingsley Chinda insisted that the House resolutions on insecurity should be implemented which will address most of the concerns raised.

“Though tongues and tribe may digger, political parties may digger but we have unanimously agreed in this chamber that we have a major problem which is insecurity.

“We agreed that all resolutions taken on security in this chamber should be collated and attended to but untill now we have not done that. One of the major problem is food insecurity, when people are hungry we don’t expect them to be normal. Until something drastic is one nothing positive will come out of this discussion.

In adopting the motion, the House however resolved that the leadership meets with the president and take the discuss on insecurity further.

The House also resolved that the Police should appropriate funds to rebuild security architectures that were destroyed by insurgents.


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