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Our Girls; Fulani- Farmers War; Ayodele: Stop criminalising results; Corruption; Apapa tankers
Wed, 23 Mar 2016   ||   Nigeria,

Another mass murder, this time in Agatu 300+ Nigerians dead. I address this issue frequently. The total Fulani-Farmer death toll is more than for Boko Haram, in the 20,000s. In The Nation May 9, 2012 I wrote: Blood Cow Meat; Boycotts & Cow Corridors; Ethical Cow Meat; National Cow Conference? 

In addition [to Boko Haram War, we face] the Fulani herdsmen/ farmers [the Second War] with deadly disputes on the North-South cattle corridor over ‘The Right and the Wrong of Way’ through farms from social arrogance, hidden political agenda and armed robbery motivation. There is talk of ‘Economic Meat Sanctions’. Unsold, cattle would flood the North. Nigeria’s North-South Cattle Run could use trailers or trains [and grazing areas].  

What is the acceptable cost of meat in human blood – destruction of other families? We eat ‘Blood Meat’ brought to our table through misery, injury and death. We must solve this before we are forced to have retaliatory ‘Cow Meat Boycotts’. We need an ‘Ethical Meat Movement’. No one should bleed, die or be injured, mentally or physically, because we want meat to eat!

How can a Nigerian cow be more valuable than a Nigerian’s life or livelihood – second class citizens to cows! Think economics. Potholes kill Nigerians, cow meat should not! Transport and sell cow meat. But, like Shakespeare’s Shylock taking ‘a pound of flesh’ from Antonio, we also must spill not one drop of blood – human blood!

Dr Wale Okediran tackled this in ‘Tenants of the House’. The current ‘tenants of the NASS’ must suggest ranches in the North and 1-2 day North South trailer and train as an alternative to the 2 month murderous food and water trek unless the cow palaver is just a decoy and the real Fulani agenda is conquest of land and murder? President Buhari, Patron/President of Fulani farmers, Nigeria wants answers and a stop to this Nigeria’s second war. 

Dada Ayodele is a casualty of the education war! Highest scoring graduate of UNILAG, his story speaks tragic volumes of the quality of decision-making among supervisors in our educational exam system already mired in an IT debacle at the last examination. An educational system which red-flags ‘excellence’ as ‘fraud’ is wrong. His excellent pre-university results were withheld without investigation truncating his opportunity to enter university. Surely the investigative team should make an investigative phone call, have an interview or test to confirm that brilliance. What authority enables a Nigerian education body to withhold results without any investigation? Then surely this means that all our geniuses have risked results being cancelled due to educational scepticism and Monitoring and Evaluation irresponsibility? This young man lost money, time and effort by being forced to get into UNILAG through a diploma course. Surely the Minster of Education must immediately call the education body to overhaul the ‘cheating detection mechanism’, institute more fail-proof steps in future. Before any arbitrary cancellation of exam results, every case of ‘criminal brilliance’ demands an investigation panel in which the student is further scrutinised before being condemned. Elsewhere in the world we celebrate brilliance. Only in Nigeria could education authorities maliciously dismiss ‘High IQ Achievers’ as ‘cheats’. That misapplied stigma of dishonesty will taint candidate starting from loss of respect from siblings, family and ‘former’ friends and linger with the computerised exam body during other exams. A proper ‘Appeals System’ must be implemented. No ‘Too Good To Be True Result’ should be cancelled or withheld unless there is a ‘Truth Test’.

Other government people build on structures and leave their countries better than they found them. Nigeria’s political class and many other Nigerians are ‘Too Personally Greedy for Nigeria to Grow or even Survive’. We seem never to learn, no matter how many Soyinka words are written, Fela songs sung, music made, plays acted, films filmed, deeds done  or history stories told and retold. The thief will always be a thief –just more greedy each time –millions to billions totalling trillions! Will the ‘uniform’ always steal? Will the tax man always remain biblical, taking most for himself and some for government? Will the judge always be biblically corrupt?

The same old lawyers’ team, gather in black-winged gowns and skullcap wigs, unmistakably looking like vultures fattened on the citizens who are dead, deceived and dispirited. The lawyers are centre stage, nodding and shaking their heads to the beat of the adjournment and bail drum. There is nearly zero moral rectitude heartbeat, difficult to detect in their breasts and few moral fibres in their garments. They gather around suspects, ignoring the victims of crimes committed, to delay, deflect, divert the court’s attention span and defend those accused of corrupting the election process or looting the budget of incomprehensible amounts of money. And judges deliver ‘questionable judgements’. Meanwhile who defends the depressed, diseased and even dead from the theft of billions which has truncated ability, education, health, roads, power supply, housing, jobs and even lives? Perhaps the Nigerian Human Rights Commission which should take these thieves to court for Human Rights Abuse of the voting citizen?

Look at Apapa Port area Nigeria as it chokes on its own wealth blocking the arteries of human movement. It has spawned thousands of tanker trailers destroying Lagos. Meanwhile everyone knows that the only efficient seaport is one with traditional trains and railway evacuation of containers.


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