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General Muhammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

APC Cracks: Buhari, Tinubu And APC Leaders Meeting Turn To War Of Words
Mon, 14 Apr 2014   ||   Nigeria,

My move to APC and the foundation for APC was my presidential bid and not for some new boys to come and hijack the machinery – Buhari to Tinubu.

Earlier today, there was tension in the house of APC. It started with Buhari fuming and hitting hard on Bola Tinubu over talks that APC governors lead by Lagos state Gov Babatunde Fashola were shopping for a neutral presidential candidate outside Buhari and new APC comer Atiku Abubakar. Buhari was said to have reminded Tinubu in clear terms, that the major foundation for APC was his presidential bid and not for some new boys to come and hijack the machinery and dictate to them. He told Tinubu that he has concrete information that the governors and some younger generation of APC members where intensifying their search for a neutral presidential candidate aside the power brokers of APC and the candidate could be one of the serving APC governors in the North while 3 serving governors had been penciled for VP ( one each from SW, SE and 2 from SS). Buhari told Tinubu that if he doesn’t curtail the governors immediately, especially, Fashola, and allow them go ahead with their plans, he would have no option than to pull out of APC. He reminded Tinubu what that would spell for him. After talks with Buhari, Tinubu was said to have put a call to Fashola, tongue lashing him in the strongest of phrases. He gave Fashola a direct order to desist from any further search for any other candidate and threatened to make the rest of his tenure rough if he doesn’t desist. Fashola was said to have reminded Tinubu of the need for them to act in a democratic way to elect the candidates, so as to be presentable to the public.

Tinubu shut Fashola up bluntly and asked him, “Where was democratic way when I made you governor?” At this Fashola didn’t say anything again . Tinubu went ahead and told Fashola that if he isn’t careful, he wont finish his term as governor. (The content of this report which was lifted online has not been verified by DESERT HERALD)


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