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Dr.Umar Ardo

Probe Calls For 3 Govs’ Suspension, Ardo Tells CDS-Leadership
Tue, 22 Apr 2014   ||   Nigeria,

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Adamawa State and one-time lecturer at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Dr Umar Ardo has urged the chief of defence staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh to investigate comments credited to an unnamed serving military officer calling for the suspension of democratically elected governors and lawmakers.

Ardo who stated this yesterday described the comments as an attempt to politicise the military which could have serious repercussions.

He said, “I feel concerned and seriously disturbed reading in a newspaper, a military officer plunging into what is purely a political matter – the extension or otherwise of the State of Emergency in the three North Eastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe.”

These issues, Ardo said, “are completely outside and beyond the domain of the military as they are purely political in nature. In taking these decisions, particularly that of the need or otherwise of extending emergency rule, politicians may be guided by the military based on the operational situation on the ground, but even this advice will be confidential and on request from the civil authorities; certainly not on the pages of newspapers.”

He said, “Any military officer that would want to join this foray publicly must first put down his uniform – politics is not for the military, and they know it too well. Let our military men restrict themselves to military duties and stop getting involved in politics.”

“Besides, where will the National Security Council draw the powers from to dissolve the established democratic structures and appoint sole administrators, when the courts have pronounced such actions as unconstitutional?”

“I, therefore, call upon the chief of defence staff not only to investigate, identify and take appropriate disciplinary action on the officer who made this call but to also tell his men in uniform to forthwith desist from meddling in issues that are purely political decisions.

“These are unprofessional acts capable of both compromising the superiority of civil authority and further complicating the already complex political and security situations in the country.”

Ardo also advised members of the media to refrain from reporting such political comments from anonymous military officers. “You either name the officer or you don’t carry the story.



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