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CEOAFRICA History Corner: September 17
By: Abara Blessing Oluchi
Sat, 17 Sep 2022   ||   Nigeria,

So many events marking the 17th day of September are evergreen on the minds of many. Certainly, not everyNigerian can easily forget the Benue state flooding, owing to the overflow of both Rivers Niger and Benue, leading to the death of about a hundred. Also, a lot of people will always recall that a new planet was once discovered and named. All these and more will CEOAFRICA’s history corner for September 17 tell you about.



September 17, 642

Arab forces under Amr ibn al-'As conquered


September 17,1394

Jews were expelled from France by order of King Charles VI.

September 17, 1595

Pope Clemens VIII recognized Henry IV as King of France.

September 17, 1644

French troops occupied Mainz.

September 17, 1776

The Presidio of San Francisco was founded in New Spain.

September 17, 1819

First whaling ship arrived in Hawaii.

September 17, 1850

Fourth great fire occurred in San Francisco.

September 17, 1871

Mont Cenis railway tunnel in Switzerland was opened.

September 17, 1899

British troops left Bombay for South Africa.

September 17, 1900

The Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed.

September 17, 1901

Battle at Elands River Port: Boer General Smuts destroyed unit 17th Lancers.

September 17, 1919

German South West Africa was put under South African administration.

September 17, 1922

Radio Moscow began transmitting (12 KWs-most powerful station).

September 17, 1929

British troops began withdrawal from occupied Germany.

September 17,1950

San Francisco 49ers (formerly AAFC) played 1st NFL game, lost 21-17.

September 17, 1976

Documents on South Africa and Transkei’s non-aggression pact were signed.

September 17, 1986

Religious leaders hold talks with the African National Congress, ANC.

September 17, 1995

Pope John Paul II celebrated a papal mass in South Africa.

September 17, 1999

BreytenBreytenbach, South African poet, activist and painter, received the Hertzog Prize for his poetry.

September 17, 2002

27th Toronto International Film Festival: "Whale Rider" directed by Niki Caro won the People's Choice Award.

September 17, 2004

Tamil was declared the first classical language in India.

September 17, 2008

The IAUnamed another dwarf planet, Haumea

September 17,2012

13 people were killed in a bus accident in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

September 17, 2018

Flooding in Nigeria killed over 100 people as Benue and Niger Rivers overflow.





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