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2023: Tinubu vows to tackle Kogi flooding, if elected president
By: News Editor
Thu, 3 Nov 2022   ||   Nigeria, Lokoja, Kogi State

The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has pleged to tackle the perennial flooding in Kogi State once and for all, if elected President of the Country in 2023.
Tinubu disclosed this in a statement delivered by the State Governor, Yahaya Bello to supporters of the party at a rally held at the ultramodern Muhammadu Buhari Civic centre, Lokoja, on Thursday.
He said; “Let me assure you that one of the very first things we will tackle is the perennial flooding in Kogi State. Flooding is a big problem in Kogi perhaps because of its strategic location as the confluence between Rivers Niger and Benue.''
“This state has particularly been ravaged this year by flooding. You have lost precious lives, you have lost properties. You have lost farmlands. Part of the reasons we have put together this special walk for Tinubu/Shettima is to draw attention to this flooding problem.''
“I want to tell you today that flooding will be a thing of the past when we get to the office. We will work with the Kogi State Government to devise a permanent solution to this problem. The blessings of God exemplified in torrential rain should not be a curse on us.”
“Secondly and more importantly, as I have stated clearly in our Action Plan tagged “Renewed Hope”, we will work assiduously to confront security, revamp the economy, target double-digit GDP, increase megawatts of electricity to power the industries, businesses, and homes, and empower our people through the creation of jobs for our people, affordable loans to our people and mortgages to help those who desire to acquire their own homes.''
“With improved and increased megawatts of electricity, we will generally work towards the industrialisation of the Country.''
“In the area of agriculture and infrastructure delivery, particularly railways and road networks, we will continue the successes recorded by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration and also move to improve on them.”
“Let me assure you that Kogi State will occupy a right of place in our administration. You are the Confluence State. You are important to us in the APC and the country.''
“You have all gathered here to demonstrate your support and solidarity for me and our Presidential Running mate, Senator Kashim Shettima, and of course for your hardworking Governor, who I always referred to as my son.''
“Your voice, your demands will be heard loud and clear not only in the Campaign Council but also in the proposed administration when we are elected by the Special Grace of God.''
“We will do even more. The details of our agenda are contained in our Action Plan.''
''I make bold to restate that we will tap and develop the abundant resources available in Kogi State in conjunction with the Kogi State Government for the benefit of the people of Kogi and Nigeria.''
''I assure you, this state will not be changed in the scheme of things. With me as your president, you will get what is due to you.”



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