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2023: I’ll build Int’l Airports in every zone, create wealth- Obi
By: Cletus Sunday Ilobanafor
Wed, 11 Jan 2023   ||   Nigeria,

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Mr. Peter Obi, on Tuesday in Onitsha, Anambra State, promised to increase international airports in the country so that each geographical zone will have one each. 
Addressing a mammoth crowd at a rally at All Saints Cathedral field, Onitsha, Obi also pledged to end the unfortunate seasonal flooding in various states of the federation by dredging the River Niger and Benue. 
In addition, he promised to create wealth so as to end hunger and starvation in the country. 
He said that what stood him out from other presidential candidates is the rare combination with his running mate because both of them are wealth creators with capacity to manage wealth. 
He said: “All we are coming to do is to end suffering and build a new Nigeria, ensure safety, abolish poverty and secure and unite Nigeria. 
“What I did in Anambra, I will do in Nigeria. We will negotiate, but whoever that refuses, we will tell him there is government.” 
Obi pledged to bring back prosperity, saying: “Anambra is a trading and manufacturing state, will support all businesses in the state. We will do same in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna and Borno. Every part of Nigeria will be productive. 
“We will open roads. Any tarred road in Onitsha was tarred by me. I built the best road network in Nigeria. Those who left Nigeria will come back; we will face exportation to stabilise and reverse naira if we assume power.
“The difference between us and others is, there’s no combination. If you have not created wealth, you can’t manage it. Datti and I are businessmen. The only way Nigeria can change is to hand it over to wealth creators. 
“What we will do will surprise everybody. They say I’m stingy. Between those who stole and those who saved them, who do you prefer? If our previous leaders were stingy, we wouldn’t have been where we are today”. 
Obi said the more you create jobs, the more you employ people, and pull them out of poverty, pledging: “I will fight poverty and out of school children in Nigeria. All parts of Nigeria will celebrate me. 
“We are not going to remind you of your past, but build your future. We will factor endowment, taking advantage of oil in the South-South, groundnut in North.” 
Obi promised to run a humane government where the rights of everyone will be protected without molestations. 
Also speaking, Obi’s running mate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, said he decided to work with Obi because of his belief in justice, equality and fairness. 
He asked Nigerians to hold them responsible if they fail in their promises, insisting that the February 25 election was good as won. 
He said: “The joy and fun I am having here has made me forget the cost of foodstuffs in the market, and forget they are stealing our money. 
“APC is being deceived by your money in their pockets, and PDP who forgets easily is being deceived by the small money in their pockets they want to spend. This election is as good as having been won. 
“Peter Obi is a shining star who will move the country from consumption to production. With Obi and I under the OBIdient movement, nothing will stop us from rescuing Nigeria. 
“The very day we are inaugurated, we will stop the killings and begin the healing. Recently, bandits released their abductors simply because they identified themselves as OBIdients.” 
National Chairman, Julius Abure, said people of the state were lucky to have their son as the party’s flag-bearer for the election. 
He said, “Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have come to Anambra because we would have taken it for granted that you are all OBIdient. But because of bad eggs we are here. In every society, you have both forces of light and darkness, but the former will always outshine the later. 
“Onitsha has always produced great leaders and another one is about to happen. Any opportunity lost can’t be regained. We must give Obi 99.9%. 
“If there’s any person that will say it’s my turn, it’s Obi. Anambra people are very lucky. We are not saying you should vote for us because it’s our turn, but because we have competent and capable candidates.” 
State chairman of LP, Ugochukwu Emeh, described Obi as tested and trusted and would not disappoint. 
Wife of Peter Obi, Mrs. Margret Obi, urged eligible voters to go for their Permanent Voters Cards (PVC), describing it as their only weapon to vote out bad leaders. 
She also assured that election would hold in South-East and would be peaceful. 
“You’ve shown that we have people and you’re behind us. In LP, we have the best team Nigeria can get. A new Nigeria is about to be born. We women have the worth to birth it. With 75% of us. We’ll give Obi 100%.” 
South-East Zonal Coordinator of Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council, Chief Damian Okeke-Ogene, said the battle to rescue Nigeria is not Peter Obi’s, but everybody’s. 
He thanked Chiefs Obasanjo, Clark and Adebanjo for endorsing Obi, and expect same from Igbo leaders. “Why are we afraid,” Okeke-Ogene asked. 
On his part, former gubernatorial candidate in Anambra, Valentine Ozigbo, said: “We have 2.7 million votes in Anambra, we will give him all because he is the best governor in Anambra and will be the best president.” 


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