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I sleep inside coffin in my house – Charly Boy
By: Abara Blessing Oluchi
Wed, 7 Feb 2024   ||   Nigeria,

Singer Charles Oputa, a.k.a Charly Boy has disclosed that he keeps a coffin in his home and occasionally spends hours resting inside it.

During an episode of The Honest Bunch, co-host Ezinne inquired about the rumours regarding Charly Boy’s special sleeping habits.

Confirming the speculation, Charly Boy admitted to occasionally sleeping in the coffin, prompting further curiosity from Ezinne about the reasoning behind this practice, to which Charly Boy enigmatically responded with a single letter, “Z!”

Ezinne asked, “There was a time I heard you had coffin and goes to sleep in it for hours or days. Is that true?”

Charly Boy replied, “Yes.”

Ezinne asked again, “Why?”

Charly Boy replied, “Z!”

In a 2013 interview, Charly Boy had explicitly stated why he lays in his casket. He said:

“Point of correction, I do not sleep in a casket, I sleep on my bed, it’s big and comfy, I only lay in my “casket” when I do my meditation because it helps me to be focused, it tells me more about the imminence of death. My casket is a reminder. It wakes me up from slumber. It tells me, “guy, you have got little or no time left, wake up, be creative and work”.



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