Thu, 18 Jul 2024


Kenya: Driver filmed beating Police arraigned
By: Abara Blessing Oluchi
Tue, 4 Jun 2024   ||   Nigeria,

Police in Nairobi have arrested a 19-year-old teenager captured on video assaulting a police officer in Mirema, Nairobi County. The video, which went viral on Sunday, shows the driver assaulting the officer, who ended up in a ditch.

Authorities tracked down the suspect on Sunday evening, subjecting him to intensive overnight questioning.

Reports suggest the interrogation involved torture and insults. The teenager claimed it was his first altercation with a police officer and that the officer had demanded an excessive bribe.

The suspect believed to be a gang leader from Mwiki with 10 pending court cases, was arrested in a white car, which officers suspected he was using to attend a club in Mirema.

The incident began Sunday morning when a traffic police officer stopped the driver for making an illegal U-turn and blocking traffic.

During the confrontation, the officer entered the car and directed the driver to a police station. The driver then diverted and pulled a sword from under his seat, forcing the officer out. The driver continued to attack the officer, causing injuries.

Bystanders intervened and rushed the injured officer to a medical facility. For specialized care, the officer was transferred to Mama Lucy Hospital.


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