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2face accuse me of sleeping with his wife, Brymo tweets
From: CEOAFRICA NEWS: Reported By Zakariyah Surakat
Tue, 5 Oct 2021   ||   Nigeria,

TUESDAY- 5th October, 2021: The Nigerian singer, OlawaleAsimi, popularly known as Brymo, has revealed that Innocent Idibia, also known as 2face accused him of sleeping with his wife, Annie.

Brymo on a long Twitter thread revealed about his misunderstanding with 2face and how 2face hired hoodlums to beat him.

Brymo’s thread reads In the very recent past, a man falsely accused me of sleeping with his wife.. and I’ve waited in angst, and the words were never taken back still, efforts were consistently made to prove I did it still.. and my soul has known no lasting peace ever since…

“Mr Innocent Idibia had, at an AFRIMA press conference in 2015/16 or thereabout, walked into the room, sat beside me and elbowed me in a supposed greeting, as much as 4-5 times, repeatedly, while looking away, saying ‘Brymo, Brymo…’ and we exchanged no other words that day!

“Now, in 2012 I had the opportunity to tour the US with his company… a most appreciated opportunity, as he was by far my most respected act around… he was my first reference at everything, and boy! Did I look up to him!!!

“Fast forward to a few years ago, he approached for a feature.. specifically asking me to get on a track with him.. I was initially reluctant to consider it, because I still didn’t know why he did what he did at the press conference years before.. well, I got persuaded to meet!!

“I had, the week before or so shared the company of his wife, a female friend of theirs and my partner’s, and my partner herself.. and within minutes she, MrsIdibia had asked what the future held for my career.. a question I considered a sleek attack. My answer was my future!!

“I proceeded to responded that I’ll be Africa’s finest act alive, and that I’ll reign for a decade .. and I knew I had shot back nicely!” (sic)

Read more his comment on twitter:

2face accuse me of sleeping with his wife- Brymo tweets

2face accuse me of sleeping with his wife- Brymo tweets