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Vote For Your Future, Children’s Future, Diden Urges Delta South Electorate
From: Agency Report
Fri, 13 Jan 2023   ||   Nigeria,

While politicians across the country are busy making a plethora of election promises, the Delta South Senatorial District candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Michael Diden has urged the electorate to vote for their own future and that of their children’s future and nothing more. Diden, who is also popularly known as ‘Ejele’, said this while having breakfast meeting with some party stalwarts at his country home in Sapele.
Diden was responding to some supporters who said they would vote in next month’s election only because Diden was in the race, and expressed their belief in his capacity to deliver the dividends of democracy to Delta South Senatorial District.
They had complained that their district was not in the development equation of Nigeria and felt alienated, arguing that though their district is home to vast oil mineral wealth that has enriched the country, there was nothing to show for it in over 60 years but indiscriminate gas flaring that hurt their health and their environment.
Diden said when he gets to the senate, he would hold serious consultations with stakeholders in the district on their needs and canvas required constituents projects, and also enable bills that would upgrade the standard of living in the area.
He aligned with his electorate’s lamentation, saying that in spite of the huge revenues oil wealth in the area continues to yield, there was no federal presence of any sort to show.
For instance, he said the much talked-about gas propelled energy for the area was long overdue, arguing that it was time to stop the gas flaring so as to reduce environmental hazard to his people in the district.
Diden further said; “Laws relating to the people are executed without their inputs, without feeling their pulses and the needs of the people. Those in power apply top-to-bottom approach to development instead of the reverse. My approach will be bottom-up approach to development if elected to the Red Chambers.”
“Power is transient, but development in any sector is permanent. My aspiration to the Red Chambers is strictly for me to be able to tap the development opportunities that abound there for my people.”


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